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Home Safes

Posted under Home Safes by admin on Monday 30 May 2016 at 8:15 am

Keeping our valuables away from the prying hands and eyes of others has been a priority for centuries.  In the past, home safes were generally made of cast iron or another heavy material.  These units were then stored in hard-to-reach areas or other locations that would be nearly impossible to discover.  With the dawn of the Industrial Revolution and the mass production of steel, safes became even strong and more durable than in the past.  However, modern times have ushered in an entirely new area in regards to the storage of precious items.  Home safes are now lightweight, extremely durable and offer some of the latest technological innovations.

Modern Technology

Another innovation has to do with the technology employed within the design of the home safe.  Combination locks are now supplemented with devices such as computerised touch pads, LED digital displays and even biometric sensors (such as a fingerprint identifier).  These all help to add an extra layer of security and some units can be further protected with the help of magnetic locks.

Stemming from a iron humble box, the modern home safe is more functional than ever before.  Thanks to the addition of space-age materials and cutting-edge computer technology, we should expect these handy units to progress even further as the years go on.  Whether you need to secure cash, jewellery, family heirlooms or important financial documents, these safes are built to last.

Today’s Home Safe

Although hardened steel is certainly a component within any safe, many traditional materials have now been replaced with lightweight substances such as ceramics and even carbon fibre.  The benefit of this transition is that units can be smaller than in the past and are able to be easily transported from place to place.  The addition of heat-resistant materials also enables these safes to be virtually immune to the common house fire.  Thus, the term “fire safe” is often used to describe their ultimate purpose.