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Ideas for Filling a Couch Replacement Cushion

Posted under Cushion by admin on Friday 24 June 2016 at 6:01 am

If you’ve suffered the loss of a couch cushion due to the overzealous jaws of a pet or some other furniture fiasco, don’t worry. Hope definitely isn’t lost and you don’t have to start browsing the stores just yet. Replacing a couch cushion is actually a lot easier than people assume. While you can order some seat cushions online that will have your couch looking good as new in no time, you could also learn how to fill a couch cushion on your own inexpensively and save yourself a lot of money.

Cheap Cushion Filling

Depending on the type of filling your couch cushion had to begin with, your options for replacement will vary. If your couch has a down feather filling, then you can visit Amazon to order replacement filler for under $100. There are various types of down feather you can order, and it’s completely fine to order a cheaper alternative to what the rest of the couch contains.

If your couch cushion filling was foam, then you’ll want to order some custom-cut memory foam. This foam is comfortable and easy to insert on your own. It’s best to measure and have The Foam Factory cut your foam to size and shape, as it can be difficult to do this without the proper tools.

Replacing Couch Coushins

If your cushion is beyond repair due to its material or filling, then you can always call a professional furniture repair company and talk about ordering a cushion replacement. The furniture store you originally got your couch from may also be able to put you in touch with some companies that specialize in replacement cushions, so it’s worth giving them a call.